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Caring for your board

​Look after your board and it will give you years of pleasure.

Each board is hand crafted and every board is a unique one of a kind piece and will only get better with use.

Wood is ideal for chopping boards for various reasons, it naturally inhibits bacterial growth, it is kind to your knives, and it can be refinished over time.

To find out how to care for your board and to ensure it gives you many years of pleasurable use, please read our care instructions below.

Years of service with the right care!

Your board has been treated with mineral oil making it food safe.

To find out how to care for your board and to ensure it gives you years of pleasure, please use our care instructions below.

To clean your chopping board, use a mild detergent and warm water to wipe the surface clean with a cloth or paper towel.  Wipe excessive moisture from board, and allow to dry naturally, standing on its side.


Until your board 'seasons' itself, which it will over time,  we suggest that every 3 months or so you lightly oil your board with our board oil.  Just apply a small amount using a paper towel wiping off any excess - don't be tempted to smother the board in oil - less is more!


With use, any chopping board will become scratched and marred over time.  If you prefer to keep your board looking at its best it can be lightly sanded and oiled.  We are happy to provide this service for you for a small charge - just ask!'

A great way to clean your board if it’s been used to cut meat, pungent vegetables or fruit is to rub with either lemon or salt, rinse and dry thoroughly.

Do not soak your board or place in a dishwasher, microwave or near direct heat as this could damage it.

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